Automatic small dry ice pellet maker

Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, has the features of low temperature, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible. Based on the characteristics of dry ice, we develop a new type of small dry ice pellet maker with wide application. The dry ice pelletizer machine is designed for food preservation, smoke effect, molds or car cleaning, etc. The automatic small dry ice pellet machine has the capacity of 50-60kg per hour to meet customers’ basic needs. The mini dry ice pellet making machine is easy to operate and high efficiency. The dry ice produced has a high density and purity.

What are dry ice pellets used for?

1. In the food industry

  • put in wine, cocktails and other drinks to bring cool taste.
  • joined in ice cream for preservation, delivery, and transportation.
  • added in seafood dishes in hotels and restaurants to produce smoke effect.
  • seafood preservation. Dry ice becomes carbon dioxide after temperate rises, which is cleaner than ice.
Dry ice pellets application scope
Dry Ice Pellets Application Scope

2. In the cleaning field

The dry ice pellets made by a small dry ice pellet maker can be fed into a dry ice blaster for mold removal, car cleaning, etc. The dry ice quickly gasifies into carbon dioxide, which has no residue.

3. In the Entertainment industry

Use dry ice to make low fog for special stage effects. Widely used in stage, theatre, film, television, wedding, celebration, parties, etc.

How are dry ice granules made?

Working principle of small dry ice pellet maker: Liquid carbon dioxide from the tank is first injected into the dry ice pressing chamber and then passes through the nozzle producing carbon dioxide gas and solid the snow-shaped dry ice. When solid carbon dioxide accumulates to a certain extent, the hydraulic system starts and the piston presses the dry ice flakes and pushes them out. Then, the rotating blades at the end of the small dry ice machine smash them into the required length of dry ice pellets.

Features of small dry ice Granular maker

  • High carbon dioxide conversion rate, reaching 38-43.5%
  • Low power consumption, low noise
  • The frame of the small dry ice pelletizer adopt fully enclosed design. Hydraulic pump station and the pellet formation module are all within the machine. The design reduces the footprint and avoid the influence of dust.
  • High quality stainless steel plate as the outer body, neat and easy appearance.
  • High automation and accuracy. On the touch LCD panel operation, the number of hydraulic cylinder purging and work time can be set to reduce the manual operation errors.
  • Food grade hydraulic system configuration, with stainless steel parts, edible food oil for hydraulic transmission medium
Single head dry ice pellet machine
Single Head Dry Ice Pellet Machine

Specification of Small dry ice Pellet machine

Capacity (kg/h)60kg/h
Dry ice pellet diameter3-16mm
Motor power3.7kw
CO₂ Transformation rate≥38%
Overall dimension (cm)160×80×130
Weight (kg)600
Small dry ice pellet machine
Small Dry Ice Pellet Machine

For the Model SL-50-1, it is a single-head small dry ice pellets making machine. The minimal diameter of the dry ice pellets is 3mm and the maximal is 16mm. For other models, the largest diameter can reach 19mm. CO₂ Transformation rate means the conversion ratio of liquid to solid carbon dioxide reaches more than 38%.

Supporting equipment

Dry ice storage box
Dry Ice Storage Box

To reasonably store dry ice, it is necessary to use a professional dry ice storage box as the supportive equipment of a small dry ice pellet maker. We also provide dry ice storing boxes with high-quality material and storage effects.

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