Dry ice Cleaning machine 

Dry ice cleaning machine is a new type of environmentally friendly and high-efficiency cleaning machine. A complete set of dry ice cleaning equipment involves a dry ice pelletizer, dry ice cooling boxes, and a dry ice blasting machine. Dry ice blasting machine has a wide range of use, strong applicability, and perfect cleaning effect. Dry ice blasting is bracing a promising prospect. As a professional dry ice blasting machine manufacturer, Shuliy Machinery is expert at manufacturing dry ice making and dry ice blasting equipment.

Why use a dry ice cleaning machine?

Compared with traditional cleaning equipment, the dry ice blasting machine by the dry ice blasting machine manufacturer has many outstanding advantages.

  1. High cleaning efficiency. It can clean directly on the equipment without disassembly and shutdown, saving time and efficiency.
  2. Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting cleaning method. CO2 is a non-toxic substance, unlike toxic chemical agents.
  3. The object to be cleaned is not damaged, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged. Unlike sand, plastic pellets, and other abrasive media, dry ice is not abrasive. Dry ice cleaning does not damage the mold, destroy tolerances, or damage bearings and machinery.
  4. The dry cleaning process is different from steam and high-pressure water cleaning. Dry ice cleaning has no damage to wires, control components, and switches, and will not cause rust. In food industry applications, dry ice blasting greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth compared to water blasting.
  5. The operation cost is low and the comprehensive benefit is considerable. Because carbon dioxide is easy to use and cheap. Dry ice volatilizes directly during the cleaning process, without the expense of a cleaning medium.
  6. Wide range of use. For different cleaning conditions, as long as different dry ice cleaning nozzles are replaced, the machine has a compact structure, occupies a small space, and is easy to move.
  7. The operation is simple and convenient, safe and reliable.
Application of dry ice engine cleaning machine
Application Of Dry Ice Engine Cleaning Machine
Cleaning effect display
Cleaning Effect Display

Composition and principle of dry ice cleaning blasting machine

The structural design of the dry ice cleaning machine is usually composed of a dry ice temporary storage chamber, an dry ice mixing system, an air blowing system, an electronically controlled cleaning, a dry ice discharge system, and a jet cleaning system. The dry ice cleaning machine made by a professional dry ice blasting machine manufacturer has ultra-high requirements for the material requirements of equipment parts, sealing performance, low-temperature resistant steel flexibility, and parts processing precision.

Dry ice blasting machine
Dry Ice Blasting Machine

When the dry ice is mixed with the compressed air, the dry ice is accelerated in the compressed air, and the dry ice particles are gradually vaporized. Under the accelerated promotion of high-pressure air, the unvaporized dry ice particles collide with the surface of the cleaned object, and the surface of the cleaned object is rapidly locally frozen by ultra-low temperature in a short time. Under the impact of small dry ice particles, the dust, oil, rust, ink, paints, stains,  carbon deposit, and other impurities are quickly peeled off and blown into the air, and eventually settle on the ground naturally.

What equipment is needed for dry ice blasting?

Dry ice pellet making and blasting equipment production line--1
Dry Ice Pellet Making And Blasting Equipment Production Line–1

The complete set of equipment configurations starts from dry ice making to blasting. The included equipment is one liquid CO2 storage tank, one dry ice granulator, multiple dry ice storage boxes, and one dry ice jet cleaning machine.

Specifically, the recommended storage tank selection is 10M or 15M because the tank car is generally 7-11M. The output selection of the dry ice granulator is determined according to the daily usage. Since dry ice storage in the cold box consumes 3-6% of dry ice every day, it is recommended not to store it for a long time, generally for two to three days. The dry ice cleaning machine is a mobile type, which can be poured into the dry ice when cleaning, and it needs to be equipped with a power supply.

Application and Prospect of Dry Ice blasting Machine

Application of dry ice cleaning machine
Application Of Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

Dry ice, also knowns as solid carbon dioxide, with a cold storage capacity of 1.5 times that of water ice. Therefore, one of its uses is to be used as a cryogenic coolant. In addition, dry ice is sublimated from a solid state to a gaseous state during heating and is directly converted into a gas without the process of converting to a liquid state. Therefore, compared with ordinary ice, dry ice is more and more used in the preservation, transportation, and transportation of fruits, seafood, meat, and other foods. Dry ice is an ideal cooling preservative during storage.

In addition to being used as a cooling and preservative for food and medicine, dry ice has other wide-ranging uses. For example, it can be used to make smoke effects on stage, for artificial rainfall, medically for cryotherapy, in the industry for cleaning molds, cars, electronic equipment, for cold casting with dry ice, etc.

What service does the dry ice blasting machine manufacturer provide?

Our facotry
Our Factory

Shuliy Machinery is a leading dry ice blasting equipment manufacturer for over 10 years. The main equipment includes a dry ice block machine, dry ice pelletizer machine, dry ice blasting machine. We also provide spare parts, and comprehensive services covering pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services.

Our main services involve the design and manufacture of equipment, inspection, and operation of all machines prior to dispatch, engineers available for overseas machinery service and instant technical support, and product warranty.

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