Dry ice pellet machine | Solid co2 pelletizer (3-19mm)

Dry ice pellet machine, also named a dry ice pelletizer machine, is designed to transform liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) into dry ice pellets, which can be used in producing smoke effects, food preservation, cold chain transportation, dry ice cleaning, etc. Dry ice pelletizers have been often used in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, seafood markets and aquatic processing factories. In different situations, a dry ice pelletizer machine can be used together with a dry ice blasting machine, or a dry ice block machine. The dry ice granular machine has a compact structure, with high outputs and production efficiency. The control system adopts high-end PLC and full touch screen operation to further realize machine automation. The dry ice produced has a high density. The high-purity characteristics also reduce the consumption rate. The cartridge design can produce food-grade dry ice granules. It can also replace the ice module according to the customer’s requirements.

Application scope of dry ice pellet machine

Application scope of dry ice 1
Application Scope Of Dry Ice 1

1.To refrigerate food. Because dry ice is a good coolant, it can form a lower temperature environment when storing food, which is conducive to food storage.

2. Used in the food and beverage production field. Dry ice is often added to ice cream and drinks as an “ingredient”, which is cool when drinking, and greatly improves the taste of drinks.

3. To make stage effects. Because dry ice can be directly evaporated into low-temperature and dry carbon dioxide gas, it can form a virtual cloud effect, which is often used for stage performances.

4. Used for industrial cleaning. Because dry ice is easy to evaporate, it can be used for cleaning the dirt on the inner parts in industrial equipment without damage to it.

Working principles of Dry Ice Granular Machine

Dry ice is made from liquid carbon dioxide in a temperature-controlled pressurized storage container. The insulated wire connects the storage container to the granular production unit. The carbon dioxide is then released in the closed chamber and rapidly expanded into gas evaporation and dry ice. It is compressed into a cake and extruded through a die to form high-density particles.

Dry ice pellet machine advantages 1
Dry Ice Pellet Machine Advantages 1

Structure Features of Dry Ice Granular Machine

  • Dry ice is designed with curved discharge head to reduce energy consumption and increase safety.
  • The machine adopts a fully enclosed design, high-quality stainless steel plate as the outer body. The appearance is simple and beautiful.
  • The core electrical components are provided by famous brand with quality assurance to realize continuous automatic production.
  • The dry ice pellet machine adopts the integrated PLC and touch screen interface of the heavy-duty hydraulic control system, which improves the user’s operability and guarantees the stable and continuous production of dry ice. The number of hydraulic cylinder purges, working time, etc., can be manually set.
  • There are molds of different specifications for making dry ice pellets with the dimension from 3mm to 19mm. Besides, we can also customize according to customer requirements.
  • The built-in hydraulic pump station and the pellet forming module can reduce the footprint of the equipment and avoid the dust.
Different diameters of dry ice products
Different Diameters Of Dry Ice Products
Dry ice pelletizers stock display 1
Dry Ice Pelletizers Stock Display 1

Working video of Co2 pelletizer

dry ice pelletizer machine


What are the raw materials of the dry ice pellet machine?

Liquid carbon dioxide

Where can I buy liquid carbon dioxide?

Generally, you can buy it from a chemical plant. The prices are different in different regions and seasons

What is the diameter of dry ice particles?


How often is the dry ice pelletizer maintained?

Check once every 3 months and overhaul once a year

What are the annual use costs of the co2 pelletizer?

It includes the cost of the hydraulic oil, which needs to be replaced once a year, the power consumption, liquid CO2 consumption and labor cost.

What is the length of the dry ice particles?

Natural fracture, so the length is not fixed.

Can the mold be replaced?

Yes, it comes with two abrasives. The customer can choose any two of 3-19mm, such as 3mm and 19mm

How long can the dry ice be kept?

It can be stored in a dry ice box for more than a week

What is the conversion ratio of liquid carbon dioxide?

38-43.5%, the higher the yield, the higher the conversion rate

What is the volatilization rate of dry ice?

3-6% in 24h

What is the working oil pressure of dry ice granular machine?

The maximum oil pressure is 21MPa

Will compressed air be consumed?

Compressed air does not need to be consumed if the dry ice production capacity is less than 600kg/h

What is the operating cost of dry ice pellet maker?

Generally, it is calculated as 3 times of liquid CO2 of raw materials

How large a CO2 storage tank does the 200kg/h dry ice pellet machine need?

More than 5 cubic meters

Can I change the power to a diesel engine?

Diesel engine is not recommended, and a diesel generator is recommended

What is the power and capacity of the carbon dioxide tail gas recovery unit?

500kg/h power 140kW, 1000kg/h power 270kw

Can cutters be added to the dry ice pelletizer?

It can be equipped with a cutter at the outlet to cut the particles.

Can the dry ice storage box be made black?

More than 100 can be customized, and the logo can be customized.

Can I add dry ice particles to drinks?

Yes, the use range of and water ice can not be wholly replaced, but they overlap.

What size can a 500kg/h solid co2 pellet maker use?

More than 10 cubic meters.

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