Dry Ice Heat Preservation Box

Ice heat preservation box is mainly used to dry ice preservation. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Under the pressure of 6250.5498 kPa, carbon dioxide is condensed into a colorless liquid, which is then rapidly solidified at a low pressure to obtain dry ice. Dry ice has a wide range of applications. Such as dry ice preservation, medical preservation, etc., The dry ice preservation box is made of imported low temperature resistant engineering plastic, which greatly improves the heat preservation, wear resistance and impact resistance. The bottom of the dry refrigerator has universal wheels for easy movement.

Introduction of the dry ice heat preservation box:

Dry ice heat preservation box adopts PE advanced engineering materials, which have the characteristics of low temperature resistance and radiation resistance. Engineering plastic has the advantages of excellent comprehensive properties, high rigidity, small creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and good electrical insulation. 70mm thick insulation layer can effectively reduce the evaporation of dry ice, which has a longer heat preservation time and better insulation effect. This machine has two models with two capacities: model 60 with capacity 68L and model 260 with capacity 325L. So as to it can store more ice particles easily. Model 60 can store more than 70kg ice block or more than 60kg granular dry ice. Model 260 can store more than 320kg ice block dry ice or more than 260kg granular dry ice; the dry ice box bottom equipped two optional types with a fixed base and heavy wheel for customers to choose. The brittle point of ordinary PE plastic material is -23 ° C, which means that it will be brittle when the temperature is below -23 ° C.

The dry ice heat preservation box is made of polymer engineering plastic material and can withstand low temperatures below -80 °C.

Advantages of the dry ice heat preservation box:

  1. Food grade PE material is produced to ensure the health and safety of the product.
  2. Higher density, better insulation and reduced dry ice loss
  3. Larger volume, saving on transportation costs
  4. The latest process to ensure product stability
  5. Significant and durable, cost-effective, and superior thermal insulation
  6. It is suitable for long-term refrigeration and preservation of food, medicine, dry ice, etc.

Technical parameters of the dry ice heat preservation box:

Outer size57*46*93cm109*69*98cm
Inner size39*28*63cm94*54*65cm
Heat loss4-6%/24h consumption4-6%/24h consumption
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