Dry Ice Blasting Machine

The dry ice blasting machine is a kind of washing machine. Dry ice blasting machine uses compressed air as power. Cleaning system sprays dry ice pelletizer through high-pressure air onto the surface of the object to be cleaned. The physical reflection of the temperature difference causes different substances to detach at different contraction speed. When the dry ice pelletizer at -78 degrees Celsius come into contact with the dirt surface, an embrittlement explosion will occur, which will cause the dirt to shrink and loosen. The dry ice particles will instantly vaporize and expand 800 times, producing a strong peeling force that will remove the dirt from the surface of the object quite quickly and completely. Use this method to achieve fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning results. The ice blasting machine has a wide range of application. It mainly Including industrial mold industry, petrochemical, printing industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, nuclear industry, general manufacturing, etc.

Introduction of the dry ice blasting machine

Dry ice blasting machine is mainly composed of body, air hose, ice blast hose, applicator, motor, control button, feeding hopper, etc. This machine needs to be equipped with an air compressor. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel which is more durable and beautiful. Control the amount of ice consumption by frequency conversion. The greater the amount of ice consumed the faster the cleaning speed and the cleaner the cleaning effect. Adjustable speed pneumatic vibrator makes ice supply more even and smooth. An air hose connect the air compressor and dry ice blasting machine. The length of the air hose is generally 9 meters. The air hose uses a rubber tube with a pressure of 8.0 MPa to connect the dry and clean compressed air source and the blasting machine. Rotatable unions on both ends. The ice blast hose is made of imported professional low temperature resistant rubber pipe, and an Oxford protective cover is added on the outside. There are many types of applicator. The applicator used are different depending on the raw materials. The applicator is divided into a flat nozzle and a wide flat nozzle. Flat nozzle is mainly suitable for most working conditions, cleaning effect much better. Wide flat nozzle cleaning range is wide which is suitable for large area cleaning. Different applicator and different models have different cleaning areas per hour. The control buttons mainly include the on/off button and the ice adjustment button. The size of the pressure can be displayed on the pressure display. This type of dry ice must be granulated, typically about 1-4 mm of dry ice pelletizer.

Dry ice blasting machine application

1. Industrial mold: tire mold, rubber mold, polyurethane mold, polyethylene mold, PET mold, foam mold, injection mold, etc.

2. Petrochemical: It is mainly used for the main fan, air compressor, hood, steam turbine, blower cleaning. Also various types of heating furnaces, reactors cleaning, etc.

3. Printing industry: Dry ice cleaning machine can remove various oil, inks, and varnishes. This machine also can clean oil, ink, and dye on gears, guides, and nozzles.

4. Food industry: Biscuit oven and conveyor belt cleaning, etc.

5. Automotive industry: Car carburetor cleaning and automotive surface paint removal;

6.Electronics industry: Cleaning internal grease and dirt of robots and automation equipment;

7. General manufacturing: cleaning oil, paint, ink, adhesive, carbon deposit, asphalt, surface rust, etc.

Technical parameters of the dry ice blasting machine:

Air supply pressure range(MPa)0.4-1.00.4-1.0
Air consumption(m³/min)2-43-6
Dry ice size(mm)1-31-4
Ice consumption(kg/min)0.1-2.50.1-3.5
Hopper capacity(L)1828
Air hose length(m)99
Ice blater hose length(m)77

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