How to make dry ice blocks?

How to make dry ice blocks

Making dry ice cubes is a unique and fascinating process in the magical world of dry ice. Now let’s together explore the steps to make dry ice blocks and equipment used in this process. Steps to make dry ice blocks Here are the simple steps to make dry ice cubes: … Read more

What composes dry ice maker machine price?

Dry ice maker machine price

As the demand for dry ice continues to climb in areas such as cold chain logistics, food preservation, stage special effects and industrial cleaning, the issue of dry ice maker pricing has become a focus of attention for many potential buyers. In this article, we will analyze the key factors … Read more

Pellet dry ice machine and dry ice blaster sold to Iraq

Pellet dry ice machine and dry ice blaster

Recently, an industrial services company in Iraq decided to manufacture and use dry ice cleaning technology to improve its cleaning efficiency and environmental friendliness. However, finding an affordable and high-performance pellet dry ice machine and dry ice cleaner in the local market was a major challenge. Affordable dry ice solutions … Read more

How can dry ice blasting be used to clean cars?

Dry ice blasting to clean cars

Dry ice blasting, as a revolutionary cleaning method, is gradually emerging in the field of automotive maintenance. The use of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to remove dirt through high-speed blasting is highly effective and causes minimal damage to materials. Shuliy brand dry ice cleaning machine is an excellent representative … Read more

Shuliy dry ice maker: professional dry ice production solutions

Dry ice maker

As a well-known dry ice maker machine manufacturer, Shuliy has been committed to providing efficient, safe and stable dry ice production equipment. Its products are widely used in food preservation, stage special effects, scientific research experiments, industrial cleaning and other fields. Dry ice maker features and advantages Advantages of Shuliy … Read more

Send SL-50 dry ice granulator and dry ice blaster to Poland

Dry ice granulator

A leading industrial company in Poland specializes in the production of high-quality components and machinery. Faced with the need for cleaning and cooling in production, an innovative and efficient solution was sought. Looking for an advanced cleaning and production solution, it chose Shuliy’s dry ice granulator and dry ice blaster … Read more

Do you know how to make dry ice pellets?

Dry ice pellets

Dry ice pellets are widely used both in industry and in life, so the potential of dry ice pellet machines in the market is still huge. So in this post, let’s take a deeper look at how to do dry ice pellet production, what to look for in dry ice … Read more

Why buy Shuliy industrial dry ice blasting machine for your business?

Industrial dry ice blasting machine

Shuliy industrial dry ice blasting machine is the prior choice when you’re cleaning whether it’s your car, machinery and equipment, building or food processing facility. Why would you choose our dry ice cleaner for your cleaning? Mainly because it has the following benefits: Superior cleaning results The industrial dry ice … Read more