Why is Dry Ice blaster A Perfect Solution For Mold Cleaning?

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in the solid state, and it turns into a gas state after sublimation. It is known as a safe and environment-friendly raw material for industrial cleaning. The ice blaster also called a dry ice blasting machine takes the advantage of dry ice to realize great cleaning effects. The cleaning efficiency is high and the cleaned pollutants can be effectively decomposed. In addition, it can realize immediate cleaning, reduce production downtime, reduce cost and improve production efficiency. The machine is widely used for equipment cleaning in various industries.

Working principle of dry ice blaster

Application range of dry ice blasting machine
Application Range Of Dry Ice Blasting Machine

The working principle of a dry ice cleaning machine is to mix the air and dry ice particles with the air compressor, and then spray them onto the cleaned equipment and mold through the air jet gun. The sublimation volume of dry ice is used to expand rapidly so that the pollutants lose their adhesion to the object, and the dirt and carbon dioxide are separated from the mold and the dry ice cleaning equipment together. Thus, the dry ice blasting machine achieves the effect of cleaning molds and equipment. In real situations, do you know how the dry ice blaster overcomes the difficulties in cleaning molds and other equipment?

How does the dry ice blasting machine solve the problem of mold cleaning?

Cleaning effect display
Cleaning Effect Display
  1. Instant cleaning: The instant dry ice cleaning can greatly reduce the preparation and cleaning time, avoid the complex measures required by the traditional method, which including protection, disassembly, sewage and dirt treatment.
  2. Dry ice cleaning can effectively clean 360 degree corners, including the blind angles.
  3. The cleaning process is non-conductive, non corrosive and non rusting. It avoids secondary pollution and improve the service life of equipment.
  4. The Dry ice particles have no abrasiveness. Dry ice cleaning does not damage the mold, which can prolong the service life of the equipment and protect the precision of the mold equipment. In addition, online cleaning avoids accidental damage in the process of disassembly and assembly. Dry ice cleaning will not damage the mold, wires, control parts and switches.
  5. Dry ice is harmless to people, environment and equipment. It has no pollution and residue. The dry ice blaster belongs to environmental protection cleaning equipment.
  6. Dry ice cleaning machine is widely used. Changing the nozzles of dry ice cleaning machine can meet various demands under different cleaning conditions.
  7. Cost-saving. Carbon dioxide is easy to produce and obtain in industry, and the cost is low. The only power consumption equipment is air compressor. Dry ice volatilizes directly in the cleaning process, so it does no need cleaning medium.

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