SL-120 dry ice block maker machine sold to india

In July 2023, a client from India bought a dry ice block maker machine for his use. Shuliy dry ice block making machine has the advantages of high quality, high productivity and reliable after-sales service, winning the favor of customers from all over the world.

Background of this Indian client

This Indian customer is a company involved in dry ice applications, supplying services such as refrigerated food, pharmaceutical cold chain transportation and dry ice cleaning. In the face of increasing competition in the market, he felt the need to produce dry ice blocks independently in order to reduce costs and ensure the stability of his product supply.

Why buy Shuliy dry ice block maker machine?

After extensive knowledge of dry ice machine brands in the market, he chose Shuliy dry ice machine. The main reasons were as follows:

Dry ice machine manufacturer
dry ice machine manufacturer
  1. High capacity and consistent quality: The Shuliy dry ice block maker machine stood out for its superior performance. With a high-capacity production line and advanced refrigeration technology, it is able to produce 3mm dry ice cubes stably and efficiently to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  2. User-friendly design: As an end customer using a dry ice machine for the first time, he pays special attention to the ease of operation of the equipment. Shuliy’s dry ice block maker machine adopts a user-friendly interface design, which makes the operation easy and pleasant and effectively improves production efficiency.
  3. Reliable after-sales service: After purchasing a dry ice production machine, he is very concerned about after-sales support. Shuli provides reliable technical support and timely after-sales service to give customers peace of mind in the process of using the machine.

Machine parameters for India

Dry ice block machineModel: SL-120
Power: 4kw 
Weight after package:365 KG; 
Dimensions: 137cm×62cm×131cm 
Dry Ice size: 125*105*(15-70)mm 
Pressure of liquid carbon dioxide: 1.5-2.1MPA
Free Spare Parts: Shovel, indicator light, pressure gauge, switch, button, mold
1 pc
block dry ice machine parameters for India

Notes: It is agreed that 30% is paid as an advance and 70% will be paid before shipment. The production date is 15 days and the warranty is three years.

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