What Is Dry Ice Blasting Machine Price And What Affect It?

Dry ice blasting machines are more and more widely used in the cleaning industry. A dry ice cleaning machine is often used to clean the dirt inside the machine parts or the dust on the glass surface and the sterilization of the food industry. The dry ice blaster can ensure the cleanliness and safety of the product and meet the market standards. Therefore, more and more customers in different industries choose to use dry ice cleaning equipment to do professional deep cleaning work. Do you know what the dry ice blasting machine price is? What factors affect the dry ice blasting machine cost?

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Advantages and Features

A dry ice cleaning machine can ensure that the machine, parts, or molds are clean and free of residues, without polluting the equipment, and can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. It can remove all kinds of oil-based and water-based inks and varnishes, clean up oil, ink, and dyes on gears, guide rails, and nozzles, and clean thoroughly. The dry ice blaster machine itself occupies a relatively small space, which helps enterprises save most of the space area. And the operation is also very simple, and it can be used without any complicated training, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the whole work.

Factors affecting dry ice blasting machine price

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there are various dry ice cleaning machines for various industries. The manufacturing material cost of dry ice cleaning machines and the specifications of dry ice blasting machines are also different, so the dry ice cleaning machine prices are also different. In addition, the quality, manufacturing process, performance, and power of dry ice cleaning are different influencing factors.

Dry ice cleaning machine
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

As a professional dry ice cleaning machine manufacturer with more than ten years of industrial experience, Shuliy Machinery provides customers with favorable prices. Meanwhile, dry ice blasting machine price will also be affected by the quantity, model, and accessories of the dry ice machine purchased, as well as customized services.

Dry ice machine model classification

According to the purpose of the dry ice machine

1. For the automotive industry, there is a car dry ice cleaning machine, also called a dry ice decarbonizer. The machine is widely used in automobile engines to mainly clean the combustion chamber, intake valve, engine room, throttle valve, turbocharger impeller, brake disc, etc.

2. In the mold industry, there are many kinds of mold dry ice cleaning machines. The size of the dry ice cleaning machine and the nozzle and injection pressure of the dry ice cleaning machine can be designed according to the size of the mold to be cleaned. Widely used in the field of industrial molds, such as silicone rubber molds, foam molds, plastic molds, etc.

3. there is a large demand for dry ice deburring machines, also known as dry ice deburring cleaning machines. It can be operated manually, or it can be designed for automatic cleaning by assembly-line operation. This dry ice cleaning machine price is also determined according to needs and customization.

According to machine models

We offer a series of dry ice blasters for options. The general types include TZ-400, TZ-550, TZ-750, etc. Which can meet various needs of customers. Besides, customizable services are offered.

How to choose a dry ice machine?

To choose a dry ice cleaning machine, we must first understand the objects and dirt residues we need to clean, and then choose a suitable dry ice cleaning machine. Applying a dry ice blaster to clean molds requires choosing a dry ice blaster which uses dry ice pellets. Use a dry ice cleaning machine to clean circuit boards, and deburring mobile phone cases, you need a dry ice cleaning machine that uses dry ice blocks. Then, according to the difficulty of cleaning and the cleaning area, a dry ice cleaning machine with appropriate power is selected. The dry ice cleaning machine can ensure the cleanliness and wear-free of the product.

If you need more specific information about the dry ice blasting machine price, welcome to get in touch with us directly. We will send you the quotation and machine details.

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