Dry Ice Manufacturing Machine Shipped To South Africa

Among the dry ice machine, a dry ice block machine is used in the industry to prepare dry ice cubes. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide with a temperature of minus 78.5°C. Dry ice cold storage is more than 1.5 times that of water ice. After absorbing heat, it sublimates into carbon dioxide gas without any residue, toxicity, or odor. Dry ice is often used to keep objects in a frozen or low-temperature state and is widely used in food, medical, industrial, cleaning, catering, and many other fields. As a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and service, Shuliy Machinery has an increasing number of customers around the world. Recently, we have delivered a set of dry ice manufacturing machine South Africa.

Customer’s inquiry about dry ice block machine

The customer from South Africa first asked about the dry ice briquetting machine, and later inquired about the dry ice granulator machine. We sent the customer the detailed machine catalog, parameters, videos, and pictures. After understanding that the customer wanted to use the machine for cold chain transportation, we recommended the dry ice cube making machine. According to the customer’s production demand, SL100-1 is recommended, with an output of 100-160kg/h. After that, the customer mainly inquired about the machine performance, parameters, the conversion rate, and the density of dry ice. Specifically, 1kg Co2 can get 0.43kg dry ice block. The conversion rate is 42-43.5%. Finally, he knew about our after-sales service and technical support of the product. The warranty time is normally 1 year.

Our client has experience in international imports and also knows about China’s market. Through a comprehensive comparison of similar machines on the market, he finally chose our company’s products based on thorough consideration of product quality and services. After the dry ice manufacturing machine South Africa was installed and put into use, he sent us a feedback video. He expressed his satisfaction with the quality and service of the machine and expressed that there will be opportunities to continue cooperation in the future.

Highlights of dry ice manufacturing machine south africa

Dry ice cube making machine features
Dry Ice Cube Making Machine Features
  1. All made of 304 stainless steel material: this material will not easy to be contaminated by bacteria, not easy to scratch. Also, it will not rust and break and can withstand low temperate, featuring good thermal expansion and contraction, and thermal insulation.
  2. Fully enclosed design. It is safe for operation, space-saving, avoids the influence of dust.
  3. Touch LCD panel operation. The integrated dry dry ice manufacturing machine south africa adopts advanced intelligent technology.
  4. Dry ice cube size can be customized. The larger the dry ice, the higher the production yield.
  5. A variety of models and output are available, single head and double head are optional. The output generally can reach 100-1000kg/h.

Parameter (SL100-1)

Dry ice block machine in packaging
Dry Ice Block Machine In Packaging

The following is the general technical data of the model of SL100-1 that our customer selected. There are other models for options. We can provide advice based on individual demands. We can also match the special needs in spare parts, customized services, etc.

Dry Ice making machine 1. Capacity: 100- 160kg/hour
2. Dry ice block size: 125*105*(15- 70)mm;
3. Power: 4kw
4. Weight: 320kg;
5. conversion rate: 42-43.5%
6. Density:≥1.48t/m³
7. Dimensions: 125cm ×60cm × 128cm
1 set
Dry ice cooler boxVolume: 60L
Internal size: 32*32*60cm
External dimensions: 46*46*93cm
Weight: 25kg
3 sets
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