How can dry ice blasting be used to clean cars?

Dry ice blasting, as a revolutionary cleaning method, is gradually emerging in the field of automotive maintenance. The use of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to remove dirt through high-speed blasting is highly effective and causes minimal damage to materials. Shuliy brand dry ice cleaning machine is an excellent representative of this advanced technology.

Working principle of Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine

  • Low-temperature freezing stripping: Our dry ice cleaner will dry ice particles accelerated by high-pressure airflow, instant impact to the surface of the car on the stubborn stains. Due to the extremely low temperature of the dry ice (-78.5°C), it quickly freezes and embrittles on contact with the dirt.
  • Physical explosion effect: Dry ice particles sublimate into gas immediately after impact, expanding hundreds of times in volume instantly, generating strong peeling force, thus removing dirt from the surface of automotive parts, without chemical solvents, avoiding corrosion or damage to automotive paintwork and precision electronic components.
Dry ice cleaning machine for car wash
dry ice cleaning machine for car wash

Automotive applications and advantages

Engine carbon cleaning: Shuliy dry ice blasting machine can efficiently remove carbon inside and outside the engine, improve engine performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend service life.

Delicate cleaning inside and outside the car body: For stubborn oil, dust, asphalt, etc. on the car door, roof, window glass and interior parts, dry ice cleaning can penetrate deep into gaps, non-destructive cleaning, to ensure that the car looks brand new.

Automotive PCBA board cleaning: In automotive electronic systems, dry ice blasting can also safely handle automotive PCBA boards, effectively removing contaminants from the surface of sensitive electronic components and improving system stability and reliability.

Environmental protection and economic benefits of dry ice blasting

Using Shuliy dry ice machines for car cleaning not only protects the environment because it does not use harmful chemicals, but also greatly shortens cleaning time, saves water resources and labor costs, thus bringing economic and social benefits to the automotive service industry. Double promotion.

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