How to make dry ice blocks?

Making dry ice cubes is a unique and fascinating process in the magical world of dry ice. Now let’s together explore the steps to make dry ice blocks and equipment used in this process.

Steps to make dry ice blocks

Here are the simple steps to make dry ice cubes:

Preparation of raw materials

Before making dry ice blocks, you first need to prepare liquid carbon dioxide. This is usually obtained from compressed liquid carbon dioxide gas.

Compression and solidification

Liquid carbon dioxide is injected into a Shuliy dry ice block making machine. Through the action of high pressure and low temperature, the liquid carbon dioxide is quickly solidified into solid dry ice cubes.

Forming and cutting

Once the ice cubes are formed, Shuliy’s dry ice block press will cut them into standard-sized cubes, usually square or cylindrical, as required.

Packaging and storage

Finally, the dry ice is packaged to prevent it from evaporating prematurely. They can then be stored in specialized dry ice storage containers to maintain their solid state.

Equipment used in dry ice cube production

Machines commonly used in the process of making dry ice cubes include:

  1. Block dry ice machine: This dry ice block press is the key equipment used to make dry ice blocks by compressing and solidifying liquid carbon dioxide to produce solid dry ice cubes. These machines can quickly cool liquid carbon dioxide below its freezing point to form solid dry ice bricks.
  2. Insulated boxes: After making dry ice cubes, they need to be stored in insulated boxes to prevent premature evaporation of the dry ice. The dry ice container slows down the warming of the dry ice and extends its life.
  3. Dewar cylinders: Dewar cylinders are commonly used in the storage and transportation of liquid carbon dioxide. These high-pressure cylinders safely store liquid carbon dioxide and ensure that it does not leak or get damaged during use.

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