What is dry ice blasting

What is dry ice blasting and how can it help your business stay productive and eco-compliant? Let’s examine this groundbreaking new technology and discover five key benefits of CO2 cleaning and disinfection.

We all know that a clean workplace is a productive workplace. But while you’re trying to meet production quotas, how do you find the time to clean your production machines?

The answer is dry ice blasting cleaning.

  1. It’s a “greener clean”. This means that this groundbreaking cleaning process adds no secondary contaminants to the workplace. Dry ice sublimates on contact, which means it actually evaporates and disappears, leaving nothing left to clean up. This means your products will be back online in no time!
  2. Ice blasting will not damage expensive production equipment or increase its wear and tear. Because the gas sublimates on contact, there is no abrasive residue to wear metals, plastics, or damage precision polymer components on any equipment.
  3. Cleaning with refrigerated gas is safer than using caustic solvents, acids, and alkaline cleaning solutions. Dry ice is safe for the workplace, safe for your employees, and safe for the environment.
  4. Cleaning with dry ice is fast, efficient, and requires no long downtime. In fact, most production machines can be cleaned in place, even while they are still running, without the need for disassembly and expensive cooling time.
  5. Finally, cleaning can be scheduled at your convenience. The cleaning process is completely independent and mobile, so it can fit your production schedule at the time and place you need it.
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dry ice blaster machine

So there you have it! Cleaning with frozen CO2 gas pellets is fast and effective. It adds no additional pollutants to the environment, so we can call it a “greener” cleaning process. This cleaning process is safe for your employees and their working environment. It does not damage expensive production equipment and the process is completely self-contained and mobile, keeping your facility up and running, productive, and profitable. 

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