10 Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning

Industries around the world that use industrial equipment and applications must realize that in order to be highly profitable, they need to have a lot of sales, so manufacturing is very important. Imagine a scenario where an automotive company uses traditional cleaning methods to maintain their machines. The cost of manufacturing the product or part of it is increasing and the quality of the product is decreasing. Management is concerned and asks the production manager for an explanation. The product manager explains that it is because of the cost of maintaining the machine. Management asks to replace the machines that have been in use for the last 10 years. This is a common situation in most manufacturing companies, but ideally, the machines are not obsolete, but the way they are maintained is wrong.

Ideally, management should recommend better cleaning methods because the machines and commercial applications are conditioned because the expensive cleaning practices are not only time-consuming but labor-intensive. With the advent of technology, we now have a revolutionary method of dry ice blasting that can clean our industrial applications and machines quickly and effectively. Here, we will further analyze the benefits of dry ice blasting and the disadvantages of traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting, solvents, etc. This will make it clear to the reader why dry ice blasting should be used instead of the old traditional cleaning methods.

10 benefits of dry ice blasting cleaning

  • Extended Equipment Life

The dry ice trays used in this method leave no residue and do the job better than traditional sandblasting and solvent methods, thus extending the life of the equipment.

  • Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth

Dry ice is a natural inhibitor of bacterial and fungal growth because it works at (-109) degrees Fahrenheit, killing bacteria and mold [fungi] on contact. When you clean with a dry ice blast, you are also disinfecting.

  • Non-polluting and environmentally friendly

Dry ice is a cleaning agent that disappears after it is used for dry ice blast cleaning. Dry ice does not become a toxic waste or disposal problem like many popular cleaning solvents.

  • Space saving

The dry ice blasting unit is portable and can be easily moved from place to place to move the unit to the cleaning area.

Dry ice blasting machine
Dry Ice Blasting Machine
  • Dry ice blasting meets EPA, USDA, and FDA guidelines
  • Safe Cleaning Environment

Unlike many solvents used in the cleaning industry, dry ice is non-toxic. Non-toxic dry ice blasting systems reduce employee exposure to dangerous chemicals and other hazardous cleaning methods. Health risks are reduced and operator safety is improved, resulting in a safer work environment.

  • Cleaning in place

Save time, cost, and labor by cleaning equipment in place. The use of dry ice blasting eliminates disassembly to a large extent. It reduces the need to replace damaged equipment during disassembly, reduces worker injury and fatigue, and saves valuable time or time by reducing downtime.

  • Dry ice cleaning is more thorough

Dry ice blast cleaning can reach places that other methods can’t – places that are difficult to reach with brushes or chemicals.

  • Reduce or eliminate equipment damage

Dry ice blast cleaning is absolutely non-abrasive because when dry ice pellets hit the surface to be cleaned, they sublimate as they loosen contaminants from the parts to be cleaned.

  • Clean up less waste

Often, the “cleanup” of your current cleaning method is worse than the problem itself. Dry ice blasting solves this problem by removing secondary waste. Once the job is done, it disappears because it is gas, thus eliminating the cost of waste disposal.


Therefore, it is clear to see the benefits of dry ice blasting and why it is recommended to clean all industrial applications and equipment to reduce costs and improve performance. As a leading dry ice blasting machine manufacturer, Shuliy Machinery provides various dry ice blasting solutions. Please contact us if anything.   

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