Car Cleaning Industry Is Entering The Dry Ice Blaster Era!

With the rapid growth of the car industry, automotive service has also become a hot industry. During daily use, the car needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Nowadays, the advanced dry ice blasting machine for cars (or a dry ice cleaning machine) is increasingly used in the automotive industry, and dry ice cleaning methods have developed rapidly across the world. The car industry mainly focuses on the cleaning of the engine compartment. Compared with the traditional washing method, the dry ice cleaning machine for cars has a better cleaning effect and higher efficiency. The dry ice car cleaning machine is widely used to clean engines, chassis, car door surfaces, car roof, compartment, chassis oil, etc. in car workshops or reconditioning shops.

Is dry ice cleaning good for cars?

The traditional water washing method may affect the corrosion-prone parts of the engine compartment in the long term. The cleaning raw material of the dry ice cleaning machine automotive is dry ice, which will not have any effect on the mechanical parts during the cleaning process. The main component of dry ice is carbon dioxide, which volatilizes very quickly and has no residue, such as water, chemical detergents, etc. After cleaning, there is no need to manually wipe it, which saves cleaning time.

Application of dry ice engine cleaning machine
Application Of Dry Ice Engine Cleaning Machine
  • Fast cleaning. It takes about 10 minutes or so.
  • Deep and thorough cleaning effect. The dry ice cleaning machine for cars can remove a wide range of stubbon dirt coatings, including dirt, grease, rust, paints, varnishes, wax, gum, oils, tar, ink, etc.
  • No residue: dry ice cleaning is waterless cleaning, using dry ice particles as the medium. The cleaning process is dry, with no damage to the circuit, and it will not conduct electricity.
  • Ergonomic spray gun: The spray gun of the dry ice engine cleaning machine features an ergonomic handle with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental operation.
  • Smart design: gun hose can be stored in stainless steel case with high mobility
Dry ice car cleaning machine
Dry Ice Car Cleaning Machine

How do the dry ice car cleaning machine clean the automobiles?

The cleaning system of the dry ice blasting machine for cars uses high-pressure air to spray dry ice pellets from the dry ice blaster to the work surface that needs to be cleaned. The dry ice cleaning machine for cars uses the physical reflection of the temperature difference to make the material detach at different contraction speeds. When the dry ice pellets at -78 degrees Celsius contact the dirt surface, the dirt will shrink and loosen. Then the dry ice particles will instantly vaporize and expand, generating a strong peeling force to quickly and thoroughly remove dirt. The process is fast, efficient, safe, and energy-efficient. The carbon dioxide used in dry ice cleaning comes from industrial waste gas, etc. The dry ice blasting machine automotive itself does not create carbon dioxide.

How much does dry ice engine cleaning machine cost?

As a professional dry ice cleaning machine manufacturer, we provide various models of dry ice blasting machine for cars, as well as supporting dry ice granulators. The price of the machine is affected by the machine model, material, output, quantity, accessories, or customized services. Feel free to contact us for a corresponding quotation.

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