Pellet dry ice machine and dry ice blaster sold to Iraq

Recently, an industrial services company in Iraq decided to manufacture and use dry ice cleaning technology to improve its cleaning efficiency and environmental friendliness. However, finding an affordable and high-performance pellet dry ice machine and dry ice cleaner in the local market was a major challenge.

Affordable dry ice solutions from Shuliy

Our pellet dry ice machine and washer stand out from their competitors because of their affordability. The equipment adopts advanced manufacturing processes and technology, which can ensure an efficient and stable output of dry ice pellets while effectively reducing operating costs, providing Iraqi customers with a very cost-effective choice.

Main reasons for Iraq to choose

Energy-efficient pellet dry ice machine

The Iraqi customer highly appreciated the high-efficiency design of our dry ice machine, which can quickly convert liquid carbon dioxide into high-purity dry ice pellets to meet its daily and large-scale production needs.

Advanced and reliable dry ice cleaner

Our dry ice cleaners have won the trust of our customers with their precise spray control and powerful dirt stripping ability, which not only can remove all kinds of stubborn stains without damage, but also significantly improve the safety and environmental protection of the cleaning operation.

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