What is a dry ice pelletizer and how does it work

Dry ice has many versatile uses, including cooling, cleaning, and shipping. Industries such as food manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation rely heavily on dry ice in their operations. The process of making dry ice pellets involves a complex and specialized machine known as a dry ice pelletizer. In this article, we will dive deeper into the topic and explore what a dry ice pelletizer is and how it works.

What is a Dry Ice Pelletizer?

A dry ice pelletizer is a machine used to make small, cylindrical pellets of dry ice. Dry ice is created by compressing and cooling carbon dioxide gas to a temperature of -109.3°F (-78.5°C). Much like other forms of ice, it is solid at this temperature, but it is unique in that it sublimates, or transforms directly from a solid to a gas, without going through a liquid phase. Dry ice pellets are the most popular form of dry ice for industrial use because they are non-toxic, non-conductive, and leave no residue. The process of making these pellets requires a specialized machine called a dry ice pelletizer.

How Does a Dry Ice Pelletizer Work?

A dry ice pelletizer takes liquid carbon dioxide, which is stored in a tank and turns it into solid dry ice. The process has several steps:

The liquid carbon dioxide is fed into a hydraulic press. The press applies high pressure, compressing the carbon dioxide into a solid block.

The solid block is then transferred to the pelletizer. An auger or conveyor belt is used to move the dry ice from the press to the pelletizer.

The dry ice is broken into smaller pieces and fed through an extruder or die. The extruder applies pressure and compresses the dry ice further into cylindrical shapes.

The compressed dry ice cylinders are then fed through a die plate with many small holes. The die plate shapes the cylinders into pellets, which are collected in storage containers or bags.

The pellets are packaged and ready to be used for various applications.

Dry ice pelletizers can produce a high amount of pellets quickly and efficiently, making them an essential piece of equipment for industries that use dry ice. Many modern pelletizers also have features for temperature control and pressure monitoring.

Applications of Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice pellets have a wide range of applications, including:

Shipping and transportation: Dry ice pellets can keep products cold during shipping. This is particularly important for the food and pharmaceutical industries that need to keep their products at a certain temperature during transportation.

Surface cleaning: Dry ice pellets can remove rust, paint, and other materials from surfaces without creating any mess or residue.

Cooling: Dry ice pellets can be used to cool things like food products during production or to cool down a room or area in case of a fire.

Special effects: Dry ice pellets can be used to create special effects such as fog or smoke in theater productions, theme parks, and other entertainment venues.


A dry ice pelletizer is a specialized machine used to turn liquid carbon dioxide into small, cylindrical pellets of dry ice. The pellets are used in various industries such as food manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, cleaning, and special effects. The process of making dry ice pellets is complex and requires high pressure and compression. Dry ice is unique in that it sublimates, meaning it transforms directly from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid phase. This makes it popular in industries that require non-toxic, non-conductive, and residue-free cooling measures.

Dry ice pellets are an essential component for various industries, and the invention of the dry ice pelletizer has revolutionized the production of dry ice pellets. A pelletizer is a reliable tool that accurately produces consistent, high-quality pellets, making it a valuable investment for industries that use dry ice. The future of dry ice technology is bright, and we can expect to see innovations in the production and application of dry ice in the years to come.

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