How to correctly operate SL-120 dry ice block press?

The SL-120 dry ice block press is an efficient and reliable unit, and proper use ensures stable operation and a long service life. Let’s see how to use this machine correctly below.

Learn about its construction

Before operating the dry ice block maker machine, you need to know what each part of the machine is composed of, what is its role, the following is the structure of the dry ice machine diagram for your reference and study:

Structure of sl-120 dry ice block machine
structure of SL-120 dry ice block machine

Operation instruction of SL-120 dry ice block machine

Then let’s see how to correctly use the dry ice block press:

Step 1: Place the machine

Place the equipment in a ventilated area (open windows and doors to ventilate when producing dry ice); place the equipment horizontally.

Step 2: Add hydraulic oil

Open the left door, and add hydraulic oil (No. 46) to the oil tank, the oil level is around 70-80C on the level gauge.

Location to add hydraulic oil
location to add hydraulic oil

Step 3: Wiring

Connect the external power cord of the device to a three-phase 5-wire (380V/3P/50Hz), and the power cord has a total of 5 core wires; live wire: L1 (red), L2 (black), L3 (blue), neutral wire (green), ground wire (yellow).

Step 4:Trun on the machine

  • Turn on the power switch, enter the touch screen and click ENTER;
  • Enter the home operation interface, click “Manual” and “Operation button”;
  • Enter the manual page, and click “Start the motor”, after the motor starts, open the left door to see if the fan blade at the rear of the motor rotates clockwise.
Turn clockwise of the motor
turn clockwise of the motor

Step 5: Connect with CO2 gas cylinder

Connect one end of the bellows to the liquid phase outlet of the gas cylinder, and the other end to the carbon dioxide inlet position of the equipment.

Figure to show location to connect gas cylinder
figure to show location to connect gas cylinder

Step 6: Start dry ice block production

Enter the touch screen; click the “start button”; the device enters and starts running.

Operation instructions of dry ice block press
Operation instructions for dry ice block press

Step 7: Adjust dry ice block parameters

Adjust the weight of each piece of dry ice and the ice spraying time.

Step 8: End the work

First, close the valve in the external gas cylinder; after entering the “close button” on the touch screen, the device will run twice and then shut down the power supply.

Open the exhaust valve at the rear of the equipment, the work is completed.

Operation figure of dry ice block press
operation figure of dry ice block press
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