Send SL-50 dry ice granulator and dry ice blaster to Poland

A leading industrial company in Poland specializes in the production of high-quality components and machinery. Faced with the need for cleaning and cooling in production, an innovative and efficient solution was sought. Looking for an advanced cleaning and production solution, it chose Shuliy’s dry ice granulator and dry ice blaster to improve its production efficiency and cleaning standards.

Why choose Shuliy dry ice granulator and blaster?

  • Superior pellet production: Shuliy’s dry ice pelletizer machines stand out for their superior performance and high productivity, providing customers with a reliable dry ice pellet solution.
  • Cleaning results: Our cleaning machines utilize advanced technology to efficiently clean equipment and surfaces, ensuring that production lines remain highly clean.
  • Flexibility: Dry ice machines provide customers with flexible cleaning solutions for a wide range of industrial cleaning tasks.
  • Cost-effective: Saving on cleaning costs and increasing cleaning efficiency make them a cost-effective choice.
Dry ice pellet machine and dry ice blaster
dry ice pellet machine and dry ice blaster

What did the client buy for Poland?

Dry ice pellet machineDry Ice Granulator
1. Capacity: 40-50KG/H
2. Specification of dry ice granular: Φ3mm-Φ16mm;
3. Power: 3kw
4. Weight: 195KG;
5. Dimensions: 100×50×100cm
1 pc
Dry ice blasterDry Ice Blaster
1. Capacity: 30kg
2. Adjustable dry ice dosage: 0-3kg/min
3. Air supply pressure range: 5-10bar
4. Compressed air flow requirement: 2-3m³/min
5. Weight: 65kg
6. Dimensions: 60×40×70cm
7. Power supply: 220-240VAC, 1ph (50/60HZ), 3amps
8. Power: 400W
With one extra nozzle
1 pc
machine list for Poland

Feedback from Poland

This customer expressed satisfaction with the excellent production performance of our dry icegranulator, especially the consistency and quality of the pellets. The customer was also impressed with the superior performance of the dry ice cleaning, which kept their equipment in good condition and improved overall productivity.

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