Do you know how to make dry ice pellets?

Dry ice pellets are widely used both in industry and in life, so the potential of dry ice pellet machines in the market is still huge. So in this post, let’s take a deeper look at how to do dry ice pellet production, what to look for in dry ice and what dry ice pellet machines are available for sale in Shuliy.

Steps of dry ice pellets production

With Shuli’s dry ice pellet maker, we tightly control the fineness and length of the dry ice pellets throughout the process. Please follow the work steps already outlined below to produce dry ice pellets that meet your needs.

Prepare raw materials

The first thing we do in this process is to prepare the raw material(liquid carbon dioxide) for producing dry ice pellets. Convert gaseous carbon dioxide into liquid form by compression and cooling. Usually, we use a Dewar bottle to store the liquid CO2, and when using it, we directly connect the Dewar bottle to the dry ice pellet machine, the whole process is very convenient.


For easier and faster dry ice production, Dewar bottles are connected to a dry ice pelletizer. In the pelletizing chamber of the dry ice machine, liquid carbon dioxide is injected, forming a spray that rotates at high speed and at the same time, the temperature in the pelletizing chamber is very low in order to allow the liquid carbon dioxide to cool and solidify quickly.

Solidification and separation

Due to the combined effect of the high-speed rotation of the spray and the low temperature in the pelletizing chamber, the liquid carbon dioxide is rapidly solidified into solid dry ice particles, which are then cut into dry ice particles of the required size by the cutting machine.

What should be attention during dry ice pellets production and usage?

During the production and use of dry ice, the following points need to be noted:

  • Safety issues: Dry ice belongs to low-temperature substances, which will cause damage to the human body and equipment, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety issues in the production and use of the process, to avoid causing harm to personnel and equipment.
  • Environmental issues: The production process of dry ice requires the use of a large amount of energy and resources, so environmental protection measures need to be taken to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Logistics problems: Since dry ice is a low-temperature substance, corresponding measures need to be taken in the logistics process to ensure the quality and safety of dry ice.
  • Storage problem: Dry ice pellets will gradually evaporate at room temperature, so special storage methods are needed to avoid waste and loss of dry ice.

Shuliy dry ice pelletizer machine for sale

Dry ice pellet machine manufacturer
dry ice pellet machine manufacturer

As a professional dry ice machine producer and manufacturer, we have various models of dry ice pellet machines, the output is 50-500kg per hour, and the fineness of dry ice that can be produced is from 3mm to 19mm. Besides that, the length of the dry ice pellets can be set according to your needs. We can also customize the machine specifically for you, if required. Moreover, our machines are super cost-effective and can also be customized for you according to your needs. Therefore, if you have this need, contact us, and our manager will provide you with professional advice and optimal solutions.

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